The Winding Stream - The Carters, The Cashes and the Course of Country Music
The Winding Stream is a film project that has already benefited greatly from the support of our fans. We really appreciate that and plan on making this blog the source of information for the film and for the artists who appear in it. We also hope it will be a place for you to tell us what speaks to you about this music and your sense of its place in our cultural history. We’ll be posting lots of clips from the film here as we head toward completion. We have incredible original interviews and special footage we think you’re really going to love. Also we look forward to doing giveaways of great stuff here so you’ll want to keep coming back for that (music, films, books, etc.. .)
And, of course, you’ll all be the first to know when the film is done and where you can see it!

As you probably know, filmmaking’s an expensive proposition. For example, an average shoot day costs about $3000 and we have several more of those to go. What we’ve accomplished so far has largely been because of individuals donating to the project. And each donation counts. Think about it. One hundred fifty $20 donations would pay for a shoot!

So we hope you’ll consider supporting the film. We’ve made it easy to donate. To get started, just click on the PayPal button! And thanks!