The Winding Stream - The Carters, The Cashes and the Course of Country Music


Like the relentless snow that keeps on a-comin’, I keep returning to my hometown, Boston. Hopefully a tad more welcomed than the snow. I love my town and I miss it even while I appreciate my life in the Pacific Northwest. But this time there are a couple of specific reasons for the trip back.

First off, there’s a bar mitzvah is in the offing! My nephew Nate’s! I can’t wait to see him complete this rite of passage. He’s just a great guy and I’m really proud to be his aunt. It’s going to be an incredible, emotion-packed day for everyone.

Family means a lot to me and I’m grateful for mine. And as we all know, family comes in a variety of styles. The Harrington family is one style. And yes, as long as we’re here on The Winding Stream page, the Carter Family’s is another. Then there’s the family of friends we choose and nurture. I’m lucky to have that, too.

Once such “family-we-choose” member is Jerry Reilly. Jerry is just an incredible guy. Funny, brilliant, energetic, community-building. His wife Marie Jackson is equally awesome. A filmmaker friend of mine from way back – creative, buoyant, loving, clever with a phrase (she’s Irish, don’t you know). They both love a good project and they’ve instigated many. (Ever hear of the Museum of Bad Art? If not, look it up. If so, you’ve already got the picture.)

Anyway, the other reason I’ll be in Boston is that Jerry very graciously reached out when he heard The Winding Stream needed a last boost of cash for completion. To that end, their theater group, Newton Nomadic Theater (yes, another of their projects) is hosting a benefit for the film at NewTV at 23 Needham St., Newton, MA on March 30.

There will be live music from Crowes Pasture and Deborah Silverstein. And a giveaway or two or three. We will screen The Winding Stream and I’ll do a Q&A at the end. Should be a great night and it sounds like tickets are going fast. Hope you can make it.

Looking forward to seeing my Boston family.

Here’s more info on the event: