The Winding Stream - The Carters, The Cashes and the Course of Country Music


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The Carter-Cash Council

Even though at its heart, filmmaking is a collaborative process, sometimes it feels like a very solitary one.  I spend a lot of time sitting at my computer wondering what the next step should be toward getting The Winding Stream done. But I’ve been fortunate that there have been folks along the way who’ve reached […]

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Beth & Rosanne

Creation Story

I read recently that as one gets the word out about a project (a book, a new album, er…a film?) a way to engage people is to tell the story of the project as a narrative, a creation myth, if you will. So, OK.  Here’s the creation story for The Winding Stream. In 2001, I […]

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roy dean

Ask and You (Sometimes) Receive

We’ve had some good news come our way here at Winding Stream headquarters and, of course, we want to share it with you. We’ve recently learned that The Winding Stream will receive two prestigious film arts grants.  This is a big boon as we make our push toward raising finishing funds to complete the film. The […]

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Syl & Beth

Come Back, Baby, Music Never Forgets

Many of you probably know the Bob Seger song, “Rock & Roll Never Forgets” which is a more than slightly overblown anthem about a one-time rocker girl who clings to her musical roots even as she has reached the advanced age of 31.  My brother Lee once told me that whenever he heard that song […]

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Carlene promo

Carlene on the Carters

Carlene Carter met up with me, my co-producing sisters Nancy and Amy and our crew (Michael “Gonzo” Gandsey on sound, Sandra Valde shooting) at the Fess Parker Inn in Los Olivos, California.  It was a spectacular June day and we were about to get an equally spectacular interview for our film.  Carlene’s would be the […]

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When the World’s on Fire

In Bristol, Tennessee at the Paramount Theatre, we were fortunate to catch up with our friends, The Carolina Chocolate Drops. Dom Flemons of the group granted us a wonderful interview in which he talked about his understanding of Lesley Riddle’s invaluable contribution to the Carter catalogue. And the Chocolate Drops also sang “When the World’s on Fire” for us. Enjoy.

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Lazer Zeppelin

America Salutes You

One of the most interesting parts of making The Winding Stream has been the growing realization that there is a groundswell of interest in the type of music it celebrates.  And by that I mean not just the Original Carter Family and Johnny Cash music but also that of any number of roots music progenitors.  And […]

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June Carter Cash

June Carter Cash died on May 15, 2003.  That makes it just a little over eight years now since this bright light left our world.  One of my big regrets is that, though we had made contact with June about doing an interview, circumstances kept us from meeting.  She passed away before we could meet. […]

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See You in the Funny Papers

Recently I connected with a great guy named David Lasky. David is a Seattle-based illustrator who works in the medium some folks call graphic novels, but others might know as comic books.  Makes no nevermind.  The work he does is lovingly executed, evocative and charming.  Now I would think this no matter what; I’ve surfed […]

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oscar, laura, john carter, larry

Stars Align

  Once in a while in life all the pieces come together.  This weekend was like that.  Early this year, on the heels of the successful Kickstater fundraising campaign, I’d been planning a couple of film shoots for The Winding Stream.  The idea was to travel to three different locations: North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.  […]

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